“The Great American Eclipse” – 2017


On August 21, 2017 a total solar eclipse will occur. The eclipse will cover the United States from coast to coast. This eclipse has been nicknamed the “Great American Eclipse” by astronomers and astrologers alike.

All eclipses have an effect on everyone on the Earth, but it is said that the place on Earth where its totality occurs is said to experience the eclipse’s indications more strongly.

This eclipse will occur in the sign of Leo, a fixed, fire sign that is regal, protective, proud and brave. The sign of Leo has often been associated with leaders and kings. Our kings and leaders can be strong, brave leaders or they can be arrogant, egotistical tyrants.

This eclipse is in a favorable aspect, trine, to Uranus in Aries. This introduces themes of freedom, separation and independence into this eclipse. This can bring us increased intuition and bring ideas we hadn’t previously considered.

The planet Saturn, currently in the sign of Sagittarius is also trine to the eclipse. This brings a more grounding energy and helps us to restructure our ideas about our leaders and how we lead in our own lives (particularly wherever you find the sign of Leo in your chart).

If you’d like to read more about this eclipse, please see this article.

This podcast episode is also great to learn more about both August 2017 eclipses.

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Super Full Moon in Taurus

Hello friends. Today I created this tarot spread for the forthcoming Super Full Moon in the sensual, cozy, grounded, earthy sign of Taurus. With all the choas and division that seems to be rampant on social media and in the news, I think that a good dose of comfort and earth vibes could good us all good!

Taurus is connected to the senses, to mother earth, to what tastes good and feels good. Remember to stop and smell the roses, as they say. Taurus has got your back if you need some earth therapy.

This spread is designed to help us identify what’s being lit up by this bold super full moon. (The moon won’t be this close to the earth again until 2034!) This spread will help us see where we can use Taurus’ persistent energy to make strides in our plans/goals in the next few weeks and also to help us identify what is being highlighted on our emotional spectrum.

Let this spread give you insight to your emotional, physical and spiritual selves.

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This Week’s Chaos: Mercury retrograde and Solar Eclipse in Virgo


Well wow, this week packs an energetic punch for us. Mercury is turning retrograde today between 14 and 28 degrees of Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo, so it expresses itself strongly in this sign. I would say that over the next three weeks it’s important to watch where you’re critical of others, but also where you might be overly critical of yourself. Virgo is known for criticism, perfection, details…so pay attention to where you want to nit pick others and yourself. You’re being asked to hold off on those judgments for now and try to see things from a new perspective.

During the next three weeks remember to exercise extra consideration for others. We’re more prone to double standards now, or at least seeing where we’ve held double standards, so practice patience and awareness.

In general is important to understand that Mercury retrograde in any sign causes delays, technology can go a bit wacky, communication becomes confusing and travel can be frustrating so awareness and patience.

Your experience with this Mercury retrograde and Solar Eclipse period will be heightened if you are a Virgo Sun, Moon or Ascendant.

Now, on to the even bigger energetic impact happening this week ~ the Solar Eclipse in Virgo. Solar Eclipses are new beginnings, a catalyst in our lives. The eclipses are powerful points which begin a new chapter for our lives. It is extremely important to know which houses the Eclipse is activating for you, as these areas of life are being transformed and being reset.

The main aspect happening with this particular eclipse is the T-Square. T-squares are aspects which bring tension. A T-square occurs now because the Sun in Virgo is opposite Neptune in Pisces and Saturn and Mars are squaring both the Sun and Neptune. Mars is a planet who wants to proceed ahead and Saturn is a planet of restriction and responsibility. These planets being together creates an energy which may be bringing up unsettling fears, brewing frustrations, delayed actions.

Neptune has also been squaring Saturn all year long and it’s final square will occur soon. Neptune is a planet without boundaries and Saturn is the planet of boundaries, so you can see how this energy is confusing and frustrating.

Jupiter and Mercury are traveling together in Virgo, it’s a clean and pure sign and Jupiter is wisdom and learning. When these two travel together we can choose how we see whatever situations the universe is bringing us in this energetic month. These two planets can bring hope and optimism to the more frustrating energies going on.

Venus is in her sign of Libra, which reminds us there is beauty and peace to be experienced, if we choose to see it.

Mercury retrograde occurring during this eclipse is notable because you may not be able to execute your plans quite yet. We’re all being required to be more flexible during this time.

To recap, it’s our choice. We can get sucked into the Neptune, Mars, Saturn energy or we can choose to learn and choose to see the good by allowing our wisdom and loving side guide us.

For specific details on where the Virgo Solar Eclipse and Mercury retrograde are in your personal chart, please e-mail me at silversiren317@gmail.com for a consultation. My readings are discounted by 20% this week for the Mercury retrograde and Solar Eclipse.


Eclipse Season, September 2016


For the next six weeks or so we’re entering into the second Eclipse Season of 2016!

There are two types of eclipses: Solar and Lunar. Eclipses occur in pairs. The Solar Moon occurs on the New Moon and two weeks later the Lunar Eclipse occurrs on the Full Moon.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon is orbiting between the Sun and the Earth. Therefore the moon blocks the sun’s light from reaching the Earth and the moon casts a shadow onto the Earth. Solar eclipses are New Moon’s energy maximized. You’ll want to find in your chart the zodiac sign of the Solar eclipse to discern which field of your life will be getting a new start. This dark energy can feel intense and you’re called to trust the dark & the universe. The old chapter is ending and you’re starting a new chapter. Again, refer to the house the Solar eclipse is in to get a more specific idea of the themes which will color your experience. There may be actual events related to these themes, particularly if the eclipse is occurring near your planets in your birth chart.

The Lunar Eclipses happen when the Earth moves between the moon & the Sun, which blocks the light of the Sun which the moon usually reflects to us. During this time we can’t see the moon in her full brightness, she will appear red/pink. Lunar eclipses are less intense (in my opinion). These eclipses are more psychological and felt more on an internal level. Lunar Eclipses can be a good time to release, a good time to observe your emotions, express gratitude for what you have and be ready to release old belief systems or patterns which just don’t cut it anymore.Again, refer to the house of your birth chart the Lunar eclipse is in to find out which area of your life this energy is showing up in.

If you would like more insight to how the eclipses will affect you, please consider scheduling a tarot or astrology consultation with me. You can e-mail me at silversiren317@gmail.com.

My best advice is to stay centered and engage in self care over the next six weeks. Be present. Be an observer of the energy. Eclipse season can cause a lot of us to be more reactive, so take time outs if you need to, treat yourself to a massage or yoga session, etc.


Irvington Howl-O-Ween Party

This week I was invited to participate in the Irvington Howl-O-Ween Party, featuring the music of Wolf & the Wereboys, Werewolf with a Shotgun and Bel and the Bad Wolves.

There will be a costume contest, food and beer trucks, moon howling contest and tarot readings by me.

The event is at 7:00 pm on October 15, 2016 at the haunted Irving Theater for $8 in advance or $10 at the door. Please e-mail wolfandthewereboys@gmail.com for tickets!

Please come join the fun and celebrate the Halloween spirit in Historic Irvington.


Mars & Saturn conjunction ~ Desire and Delay

Mars and Saturn will soon join together. This can be frustrating energy for a lot of us, especially if you have planets in any of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces).

Mars represents our passions, desires and the way we assert ourselves. The element of Mars is fire. Mars’ energy is at his best when he can initiate and act upon his goals.

Saturn represents structure, order, time, delays and restriction. Saturn’s energy is cold and dry. Saturn requires us to double and triple check ourselves, which can cause delay or can dampen our passion. Saturn represents the duties we have as well as the self-discipline required to perform those duties.

The key word for this Mars/Saturn conjunction is pressure. 

If you feel frustration or impatience over the next few weeks – remember to take your time, to make lists of the tasks you’d like to accomplish, meditate, take walks and/or take deep breaths. If you feel like people are demanding more of your time, be patient with yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, do what you can. Remind yourself not to get worked up, don’t allow the pressure to make you lose your cool.

And as my usual reminder, remember that the planets do not punish us – they simply bring up patterns within us that we have to work through. When we’re conscious of this energy happening, we can work through it and release it.


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Astrology & Planetary rulership

Let’s touch on the topic of astrology and planetary rulership. Each planet rules a sign in astrology and the list is as follows:

Sun rules Leo

Moon rules Cancer

Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo

Venus rules Taurus and Libra

Mars rules Aries and Scorpio

Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces

and Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius

Since the discovery of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, some astrologers associate them with the following signs:

Uranus ruling Aquarius

Neptune rules Pisces

Pluto rules Scorpio

Personally, I mostly use the traditional rulership technique, but I do consider the outer planets as a secondary method. Please see the diagram below as a useful reference.

planetary rulership.jpg


Astrology & the soul indicator


Link to image

Good morning! When I am observing a client’s birth chart, one of the first things I look for is the soul indicator planet, also known as the “atma karaka” by vedic astrologers. This is the planet which holds the highest degree in the birth chart.

Each planet ranges from 0-30 degrees in a zodiac sign. Look at the chart and find which planet (Sun through Saturn) holds the highest degree. You’ve found the soul indicator!

The belief about the soul indicator is that it’s the most important planet in the chart because it is the planet which shows us our soul will develop in this lifetime.

First, as astrologers we must evaluate the innate qualities of the soul indicator in an client’s chart. The Sun is the natural atma karaka in every chart, but the “chara karaka” (movable indicator) is what we find in individual charts that makes our paths unique from each other.

The Sun as the soul indicator shows an individual who has a need for respect, authority and power. The karma they have is to learn to practice humility, as their karma is directly related to their ego.

The Moon as the soul indicator is related to an individual with a need to break emotional dependence on their family and intimate relationships. Their lesson is to learn to spread happiness and extend compassion to others.

Mars as the soul indicator shows an individual who has karma related to aggression and temper. The lesson is to learn to release anger and violence. They should practice forgiveness and non-violence.

Mercury as the soul indicator shows a person who needs to debate and speak less and learn to be careful of what they say as well as how they say it.

Venus as the soul indicator shows individuals who are here to learn to control their desires. These individuals may have many relationships or creative endeavors which they should learn to control their sexual and creative energy.

Jupiter as the soul indicator is connected to an individual who is concerned with wisdom and spirituality. The lesson for these people is to be tolerant of others’ beliefs and opinions. Women with this placement have to learn to respect the Guru in their life and also their husband.

Saturn as the soul indicator shows an individual who has experienced loss and sorrow. The lesson here it learn not to spread that sorrow to others, but to help others through their pain.

Second, we observe the house the soul indicator is in. Then we can synthesize the qualities of the soul indicator planet with the qualities of the house to gain insight to the bigger picture of the atma karaka’s role in the client’s life.

Third, we use this information to help the client improve their awareness. Vedic astrologers often recommend remedies to help “please the planets”. This is believed to help an individual clear their karma. Once you know the atma karaka, chant the appropriate mantras to that planet, meditate on the planet’s symbolism and qualities of the planet, etc.

I believe that when we learn to encourage our clients to work with the planets rather than feel punished by them, we empower them to take responsibility for their emotions and actions.

If you have questions, please comment below. I will do my best to answer them all.

If you’d like me to evaluate your chart and atma karaka, please contact me at silversiren317@gmail.com to schedule a reading.


Solar Return Chart ~ Example Reading using Sun, Moon and Rising Sign

A solar Return Chart is a technique astrologers use by returning the Sun to it’s natal position. The Return Chart is a summary of the year ahead, I like to call it a “personal new year”.

This is the Solar Return chart for my friend, whose identity is being kept anonymous. I will use her chart to demonstrate how I interpret these charts in a session.

The very first thing I do is look at the Solar Return chart alone. I also compare it to the client’s birth chart, which I will demonstrate at another time.

For now let’s just start with the Solar Return chart for 2016 by itself.

The first thing I note is where the Sun is placed. In this chart, the Solar Return Sun is placed in the 12th house of the unconscious, endings, sorrow, spirituality and hidden matters. The Sun here is a bit snuffed out, it’s energy can feel heavy and a bit lost, as the Sun doesn’t do well hidden. In the aspect table we see that the Sun is receiving support from Jupiter and the North Node in the 7th house of partnership and business. She may be prone to withdraw and be more reflective, but her partner and her business endeavors will be supportive and flow easily this year. She recently became engaged in May, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings, in the 7th shows the growth through partnership. I know she has also launched a new business project, a non-profit organization to help feed low income families healthy food and to educate them on proper food choices. Jupiter, is one of the teacher planets, he is a kind planet, who expands and blesses us. I think of him like Santa Clause (lol). Jupiter in this chart is in the sign of Virgo, which represents health, habits and routine, so Jupiter is working through her and her business project to educate others regarding their health routines. The North Node (our karmic destiny) is conjunct Jupiter for her in this chart, so she’s living out her karmic potential with Jupiter to help others. The North Node also called “Rahu” shows where we have karma and where we’ll experience ups/downs, so this endeavor probably hasn’t been easy for her. I am sure that the blessings and rewards will be worth it though.

The next thing I look at in a Solar Return chart is the Ascendant aka “Rising Sign“, which is Aquarius. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign, very much a sign which is concerned with the collective and with society. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by Saturn traditionally and Uranus was later assigned rulership of Aquarius, when it was discovered. Uranus, is in her second house, conjunct the Moon (our mind, emotional response, subconscious), so this year her emotional well-being will be connected with interacting with society and doing service for others. The moon rules the sign of Cancer, which in this chart is the 6th house. The 6th house is our daily life, our work and our duties. Her daily life will be very tied up with interacting with society and she will find a more erratic routine since the Moon is with Uranus, but flowing with this changeable and electric energy will help her feel rooted and feel emotionally secure.

The Moon is in the fiery, initiative sign of Aries, which wants to see things get done! The moon is in a square (tense) aspect to the Sun, Mercury & Pluto which are hiding in the 12th house. She may want to withdraw, be alone or work behind the scenes, but she will have to sacrifice much of her energy and her intellect to achieve her business goals and feel emotional and mental peace.

This is a very brief view of this chart and I didn’t even compare it to her birth chart, which would give us even more insight.

There is much more to discuss, but this is a snapshot of my process for interpreting Solar Return charts so you know what you could expect from a Solar Return reading from me.

If you have questions, please comment them below. If you’d like to schedule a reading, please text (317) 721-7081 or e-mail silversiren317@gmail.com

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